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Aerial View of Pyramids and Sphinx 1933 # G106


The time to end the Cape Town to Cairo Flying Safari came earlier than the Johnsons had expected due to Osa taking ill during their stay at Mt. Kenya. With Osa in the hospital in Nairobi, Martin and his pilot, Vern Carstens, filmed in the Amboseli area. It was determined that her illness, though not life threatening, did require medical assistance beyond the best available in Kenya and Martin called the formal expedition off and a plan to get Osa to England, where the necessary surgery could be performed, was formulated. Rather than take the longer ship ride home as was originally planned, Martin opted to fly the Sikorsky's to England. Their route to the Mediterranean followed the Nile to Egypt photographing the desert and the temples. Here the pontoon of Osa's Ark frames the pyramids; the the sphinx is found in the left-hand corner. They didn't know it at the time, but Martin's photographs of the Valley of Kings were to be the last he would ever take in Africa.

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