Congorilla book by Martin Johnson


Congorilla      1931
Knowing that sound would be required to keep abreast of the public's expectations, Martin and Osa Johnson returned to Nairobi in November 1929 intent on making the first movie with sound produced entirely in Africa.
Before venturing to the Congo, the Johnsons returned to the Serengeti and northern Kenya and made sound recordings at some of the locations that had entertained and excited moviegoers in their film Simba...After a few months, they continued to Uganda where they filmed Murchison Falls with its large populations of hippos and crocodiles.
Reaching the Congo, Martin and Osa selected two villages to film the Mbuti peoples...The dense forest with its humidity made filming difficult by fogging the lenses and causing the equipment to corrode..
Finally, they traveled to the mountains of the Virunga range; Mikeno, Karisindi and Visoki, where they filmed and photographed gorillas...The close encounters they experienced provided them with the greatest thrills of their career to date.
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