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Four Years in Paradise Paper Back


Four Years in Paradise

by Osa Johnson

 "For bravery and steadiness and endurance, Osa is the equal of any man I ever saw. She is a woman through and through. There is nothing 'mannish' about her. Yet as a comrade in the wilderness she is better than any man I ever saw." - Martin Johnson.

Osa Johnson (1894-1953) was, with her husband Martin, a pioneer in the field of wildlife filmmaking. From the time they eloped in 1910 until Martin's death in a plane crash in 1937, the Johnsons made numerous trips to the South Seas and five major expeditions to Africa. Together they produced more than fifty films, ranging from single-reel silents to feature-length sound films. The sequel to her bestselling "I Married Adventure", "Four Years in Paradise" (first published in 1941) tells the story of the Johnson's protracted stay at Lake Paradise in Kenya.