OUT of STOCK I Married Adventure By Osa Johnson



I Married Adventure   1940

Osa Leighty was born in 1893 in Chanute, Kansas. She married Martin Johnson in 1910 and accompanied him on all of his expeditions until 1937, when Martin was killed in a commercial airline crash. In 1940 she published I Married Adventure, which became a worldwide best seller. 

The best selling memoir retraces their careers in rich detail, with precisely observed description and often heart-stopping anecdotes. Illustrated with scores of the dramatic photos that made the Johnsons famous, it's a book sure to delight every lover of true adventure. 

The autobiography of Osa Johnson who, with her husband Martin, brought home stunning movies of Africa and the South Seas to eager Americans.Together they spent more than 25 years crossing the country and the world with their cameras. Osa's colorful biography is also a wonderful love story. The story begins with their youth and follows through to the death of Martin Johnson.  Call 620-431-2730 or email osasark@safarimuseum.com  for availability and pricing.