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Lake Paradise Garden Harvest 1923 NL1798


Osa Johnson planted a garden everywhere they camped for a full harvest season. She had brought seeds with her from Kansas, and they obviously flourished under both the African sun and Osa's thumb.

The Johnsons and Blaney Percival arrived at Lake Paradise just as the rains came. Quoting Martin Johnson in his book Safari : A Saga of An African Adventure " It was like Osa to start a garden in spite of the rain. Scarcely had we started unpacking than she had a bundle of garden seeds out, checking over its contents. On the second afternoon she mustered a gang of porters with shovels and picks and cheerily started them digging a garden in the mud. Her courage was rewarded in due time by a crop that still makes my mouth water. She had beans, peas, sweet corn, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, turnips, squash, cantaloupe and watermelons.

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