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Maxwell House Coffee Publicity, Lake Paradise, Marsabit, Northern Frontier District, Kenya 1923 NL2086


The Johnsons, always working on a shoestring budget, often went so far as to enlist the local population to achieve product placement. Here Meru Tigania crew members at Lake Paradise assist Osa Johnson with an advertisement for Maxwell House coffee. This is one of several still photos featuring the Meru, filmed in Across the World with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson. Coca Cola, Willys Knight autos, Coleman Outdoor Equipment, Shell Oil, Ever Ready Batteries, Bisquick, Fab Detergent, Colgate toothpaste, and many more companies donated supplies and equipment that would be promoted in the Johnsons' nest feature film. While in the field, Martin and Osa wrote letters of endorsement as to how the product worked in the bush or jungle and upon returning to the States, they would mention specific items when interviewed by the press for newspapers and radio spots.

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