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Murut Inspecting Osa Johnson's Airplane the "Spirit of Africa and Borneo" 1935 H63


Murut men who had walked many miles to see the plane after it had passed over their mountain home in the Crocker Range, British North Borneo (now Sabah, Malaysia) are at last able to examine the plane closely and chat with Osa. For their return to Borneo, the Johnsons had renamed their plane The Spirit of Africa and Borneo and painted and "eye" figure that was a traditional symbol of good luck among the Murut on the planes nose. This trip would be the last adventure Osa would share with Martin. Years later, Osa spoke at Rollin's College before receiving an Honrary Doctorate. The subject she addressed was entitled "The Vanishing World," summing up her fears that the wilds of the globe she and Martin had worked so hard to record were fading fast.

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