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Osa Johnson on Crocodile 1923 NL1308


At the lower Guaso (river) Nyiro near Chandler Falls, Martin captured a photo of Osa atop a large crocodile that she had shot after a close call. Being an avid fisher, Osa had many run-ins with these toothy denizens of the rivers, lakes and streams of Africa, Borneo and the South Seas.

"Crocodiles raise havoc with fish. You get a nice strike and begin to play it, when suddenly the line goes light and you pull up a dangling fish-head, all that's left of your catch! The crocodiles usually drag their prey to the bottom to devour, but one day I hooked a huge catfish, which incredible as it may seem run to one hundred or more pounds, and had begun to reel it in when suddenly a croc struck it and rose out of the water with the fish in its huge mouth. He apparently could not take the fish to the bottom because of the swift current and tried to swallow it then and there. The fish was to large for his jaws and the tail stuck out of the croc's mouth, flopping about as the brute gulped and struggled to swallow. Finally he bit the fish off and disappeared and there went my fine catch."

Osa Johnson, Four Years in Paradise, 1941

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