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Osa's Big Game Hunt


Take another wonderful trip with the two greatest wild animal photographers of all time, the Johnsons..."

The first wildlife program to air on television, Osa's Big Game Hunt premiered in syndication in the fall of 1952. Predating NBC's Wild Kingdom by 10 years, the series featured the world-famous explorer, Osa Johnson, hosting clips of her and husband Martin's astounding expeditions to Africa in the 1920s and 30s. Osa personally selected the footage to be used in the program from her archives, but sadly died before production could be completed on all 26 episodes. The remaining shows were introduced by her longtime friend, famed biologist Ivan Sanderson (a regular guest of Garry Moore and Long John Nebel.) Audiences who missed the Johnsons' films in theaters 25 years earlier got to thrill to their wild adventures among pygmies, cannibals, and the savage beasts of the jungle. Rarely seen in the 60 years since it first aired, Osa's Big Hunt is a nostalgic treat for any fan of the early years of television. This DVD includes the episodes Pygmy HuntersClimbing FishJaws of Death, and Trek Through the Wild Lands.