Poster of the Book Cover for Martin Johnson's Auf Entdeckungs Fahrt mit Johnson


Poster of Auf Entdeckungs Fahrt mit Johnson. Abenteuer mit Kamera, Büchse und Flugzeug
Martin  Johnson's was working on Auf Entdeckungsfahrt mit Johnson. Abenteuer mit Kamera, Büchse und Flugzeug (On discovery with Johnson: Adventure with Camera, Rifle & Airplane) in late 1936/early 1937 as he and Osa traveled home from North Borneo.  After his death in a commercial plane crash, and after Osa's own recovery from the same crash, she began editing Martin's draft and notes.  The book was published in Germany in 1939. This poster of the dust jacket is being produced from the original copy in our museum's archives.

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