Safari a Saga of African Adventure 1928 by Martin Johnson


Safari a Saga of African Adventure     1928
Photographers, explorers, naturalists, authors, and native Kansans, Martin and Osa Johnson traveled the world from 1917-1936. The Johnsons are best remembered for their numerous movies and books about the wildlife and people of Africa, Borneo, and the South Seas. They popularized camera safaris and introduced Americans to a larger world. Safari chronicles their life and travels in Africa. Contents: Into the Blue: Our Race to Paradise; We Dig In; Little Half-Brother of the Elephants; Waterhole Thrills; Wilderness Folk; Our Backyard Circus; Attacked by Rhinos; The Creature God Forgot; A Desert Nincompoop; A Camerman's Troubles' My Wife Holds the Gun; Visitors and Illness; Tanganyika Lions; and The End of the Trail.
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