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Samburu Girl 1931 - E809


Martin Johnson described himself as a "Motion Picture Explorer" and he was known throughout Africa as Bwana Piccar, the Swahili term for "Master of Photos". His eye for a good photograph was proven time and time again by his ability to capture portraits like this of a stunning Sambaru girl. The word Samburu means butterfly and is an apt name for these colorful people who devote a great amount of time crafting and displaying their finery and adornments. Samburu girls like to wear many strands of loose beads rather than the flat collars favored by their neighbors, the Masai. The beads are gifts from admirers and by age 15 or 16, the girls should have collected enough to invite a proposal of marriage. A traditional head pendant is made of aluminum scraps and often designed in the stylized form of a bird.

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